When wearing lipstick becomes a political act

“An empowerment tool.This is how US MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defined her relationship with makeup - and more specifically with the vermilion lipstick that she wears so regularly that it has become her “signature look.” In a recently granted interview at American "Vogue", "AOC" unveiled her "morning routine" as a beauty influencer.With the difference that she insisted on the political dimension of this daily ritual: "It is important to share these details to remind people that the femininity has power, and I wear lipstick when I need a boost of confidence."And the thirty-something to drive the point home:" Beauty is political.It's a rather radical act, almost a mini-manifestation to love yourself in a society that tells you that you do not have the right color or the right weight ..."

Lipstick, a tool for emancipation, or even a militant act? The words are surprising, especially from a feminist as assertive as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.Because in recent years, it is rather the trend "no make up" which has gained momentum within the feminist movement.In "When beauty hurts.Investigation into the dictatorship of beauty", a book emblematic of the third wave of feminism published in the 1990s, the author and activist Naomi Wolf vigorously denounced the alienating dimension of make-up.as an instrument for standardizing women's bodies, the cosmetics industry was for the first time accused of forcing them to conform to standard models.

Posted Date: 2020-08-26

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