The Sonam’ music school has adapted itself to the confinement

The Sonam’ music school has adapted itself to the confinement

The Sonam’ music school has adapted itself to the confinement

Nicolas Syz, coordinator of Sonam’, looks back on the period of confinement and the functioning which is now adopted by the music school.

Nicolas Syz, coordinator of Sonam’, which has 330 members, was at the Salle Artimon on Saturday to present a diatonic accordion workshop led by Mario Annic, an opportunity to talk about confinement.

Activities are gradually resuming with still constraints linked to the Covid-19 crisis. For example, musical awakening, for children aged 4 to 7, will not resume now. All the other courses will resume, within the limits of the sanitary rules of Locmiquélic, Port-Louis, Riantec and Gâvres, while in Kervignac, we are waiting for the reopening of the concert halls, we have also created a website to sell second-hand instruments for those who have a limited budget because of the confinement. Today, this diatonic accordion course at l’Artimon is the first face-to-face since the deconfiguration, open to the public upon registration.

Yes, we didn’t abandon our students. We provided distance learning support to more than two-thirds of them. The music school has about 20 teachers who, for the most part, regularly monitored their students by telephone, e-mail, videoconferencing. They exchanged ideas on learning issues and gave advice. Some students filmed themselves at home playing clarinet, harp, guitar or accordion. They sent their video to their teacher.

Yes, and it’s an interesting experience that requires an adaptation on the part of the students, autonomy, and self-criticism. Generally speaking, face-to-face learning is preferable, but some students have really progressed with this system.

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